Macquarie Harbour Oxygenation Project (MHOP)

Read the latest Social and Economic Contribution of the Tasmanian Salmon Industry Report

Salmon Tasmania represents a modern, sophisticated aquaculture industry with a diverse workforce that plays an integral role in feeding the world sustainably.

Our three member companies farm healthy, sustainable protein and are all focused on sustainable and healthy production growth. We know we are stewards of the waterways we farm, and the only way we can, and do, operate is so these waterways can be enjoyed and farmed for generations to come.

Aquaculture is a leading Tasmanian primary industry, a generator of employment, technology, services and suppliers, creating a strong economic and jobs multiplier effect; integral for Tasmania’s future and current industry prosperity. The industry works continuously to be world-leading in terms of environmental management, fish-health practices, biosecurity, and sustainability to ensure all our stakeholders can continue to be proud of their collective efforts farming the world’s most sustainable protein.

The future landscape of aquaculture in Australia offers some very exciting opportunities. We have a growing world population and a decline in wild fish stocks, and an enormous amount of ocean. The only way we can actually sustainably feed this growing population is through aquaculture.

Internationally recognised for its innovation, this $1 billion industry continues to be one of Tasmania’s great success stories of the past 30 years.