About Us

We are Tasmania’s salmon farmers. We have over 30 years of experience farming the world’s most sustainable, healthy, nutritious and safe protein; Tasmanian farmed salmon.

We are one of the most transparent industries – the industry heeded messages from the 2016 Senate Inquiry about the need to provide more information about farming operations, resulting in the development of company specific online sustainability dashboard.

The Tasmanian salmon and trout farming industry currently creates 5,103 FTE (full-time equivalent) jobs, and has a gross production value of $888 million (Source Tasmanian Agri-food Scorecard). The Tasmanian salmon industry, while supplying just 1.6% of the world salmon supply, is the largest fishery in Australia by both volume and economic value. Farmed salmon has become the leading farming activity in Tasmania ahead of dairy, vegetables, poppies, pyrethrum, beef, fine wool, wine and the apple industry.

The industry has a strong record of encouraging training and skills development, creating career paths to attract and retain skilled staff, especially in regional communities. The positive impact of the industry on the economy spreads well beyond direct employment with the salmon companies, and the flow-on impacts into the broader community are significant. There is now a thriving ancillary sector providing imports to the industry such as vessels, cages, nets, feed, training, transport and logistics, and a range of contract and consultancy services.

The wages of those employed as a direct result of the industry or supporting sector drive local businesses, creating further employment in local retailers. They also underpin the viability of community services such as schools and medical facilities.

Internationally recognised for its innovation, the industry continues to be one of our State’s great success stories of the past 30-years.