23rd November 2022

The Tasmanian Government’s Draft Salmon Plan validates where our industry is headed.
TSGA CEO, Sue Grau, said it was a positive first step in bringing together the shared vision of
the industry, government, and community for an enduring and prosperous salmon industry,
and one that continues to deliver millions of dollars to regional communities across the state.
The Government’s Plan backs in the world-leading innovation already driving our sustainable
farming practices.
“We are Tasmania’s biggest primary industry, with a low carbon footprint and low
environmental impact, locking in Australia’s food security by growing sustainable protein under
some of the strictest regulations in the world,” Ms Grau said.
“It is pleasing to see the Government recognise that our industry’s contribution to thriving
regional communities goes hand in hand with their ability to fund essential community
“The recently released Tasmanian Agri-Food ScoreCard confirmed that salmon remains the
highest value food product farmed in the state.”
“As the government now looks to grow Tasmanian agriculture’s farm gate value to $10 billion
by 2050, our sustainable salmon industry will play a significant role in achieving that target.”
Ms Grau said the Government’s Plan acknowledges the industry’s importance to the state and
we look forward to engaging in the consultation process as we review the plan in detail,” she
“We are a Tasmanian success story committed to the conservation of the marine environment
we share with the local community.”

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