17th February 2022

The Tasmanian Salmon Growers Association is excited to announce the appointment of a new
CEO, Sue Grau, who will be a strong voice for a proud Tasmanian seafood industry.
“It’s the passion and dedication of people in the salmon industry and our wider “salmon family”
that will drive me. They have a quiet pride and belief in their work and their product, whether
they are raising fish in a hatchery, building our boats or conducting research. I feel privileged to
learn from them and tell their stories of innovation and sustainability,” said Ms Sue Grau.
“The TSGA Board recognises that a lot of the Tasmanian community shares this belief in our
industry, with a recent study showing the majority support it,” said Mr Phillip Weise the Chair of
the TSGA.
“As Australia’s largest fishery, we are important both as a sustainable protein source and as a
role model here in Tasmania, nationally and around the world. We look forward to working as a
solid team with our new CEO,” said Mr Mark Asman, a TSGA director.
“The TSGA is looking forward to working with the Tasmanian Government and all our
stakeholders as we develop a 10 year salmon plan,” said TSGA director Mr Ruben Alvarez.

Short bio: previously CEO of Oysters Tasmania for four years so happy to be back working in
the fantastic Tasmanian seafood industry. Prior to that, Sue held environmental management
positions in state and federal government, as well as roles with the Tasmanian Local
Government Association and a private water quality company.
The erms November 2021 study “Community Sentiment Tracking Research” can be found here

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